Curious tea and a small shopping spree

My final day in New York and I was definitely feeling like my cold/flu was getting worse but I had arranged to meet up with Cait again. We hadn’t planned on meeting up again but I’d brought her some goodies from the UK which she’d forgotten after we departed on the Friday so brunch was planned so that I could hand over the goodies!

We went to the original chapter of Alice’s Teacup. I can’t seem to find any information about this small chain but as I’m sure you can tell from the name the three chapters are small tea houses with an Alice in Wonderland theme to them.

alices teacup cookies

alices teacup interior

I don’t think they’ve been discovered by the tourist crowd yet but it was still jam packed for a Sunday morning and we had to wait around 20 minutes for a table. One of Cait’s friends Emily also joined us for brunch which was great as she’s actually moving to London later this month so it was nice to pass on some of my local knowledge!  alices teacup nyc chapter 1

Alice’s is famous for its scones and they had a ton of different flavours. Being a sucker for salmon I went for the smoked salmon and scones; poached eggs and smoked salmon nestled on a buttermilk scone covered with rosemary hollandaise sauce, served with a side of roasted asparagus and pears washed down with a pot of Alice’s special tea. Well what else could I have really?

alices teacup smoked salmon

alices special blend

The presentation of the food was beautiful and the smoked salmon, asparagus and eggs were to die for. The scone was OK but not a patch on the kind we’re proud of here in the UK and I really wasn’t a fan of those pears. I loved how none of the crockery matched. We each had different style teacups and a pot of tea each. I had to be an annoying Brit and ask for milk though. Can’t drink tea without milk lol.

I’d also ordered their smores dessert. When I told my dining companions that I’d never had smores they just looked at me in disbelief! It’s not a thing over here guys although I really have no idea why not!

Alices Teacup smores NYC

The dessert was a bit of a twist from traditional smores (graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallow toasted over an open fire) with two gingery biscuits stood up in a light but delicious chocolate mousse topped with toasted marshmallow fluff and chocolate sauce. It was the sweetest most delicious thing I had my entire trip and try as I might I could only eat half of it (bear in mind I had the flu and had just eaten that entire plate of eggs royale!) I wish I could have taken the rest away with me but sadly I had to admit defeat instead.

There’s a time limit for the tables (I think this was 90 minutes but I can’t clearly remember off the top of my head) and like I said it can be quite busy so I recommend booking a table in advance if you want to visit. They have two other chapters so if you can’t get a table at one be sure to try the others it’s definitely an experience and a haven for British tea drinker in search of a decent cuppa!

Alice’s Teacup – Chapter I
102 West 73rd Street
New York City
New York

Needing to burn off some calories I headed towards Central Park for a brisk walk. The park was even more beautiful in the daylight with the pure white snow glistening. Everything just looked so fresh.

central park snow daylight

Central Park daylight 2

Central Park Daylight 3

central park snow daylight 1

I also stumbled upon some ice sculptures that seemed to be there to celebrate 35 years of the Central Park Conservancy – the non-profit agency that looks after the park.

snowflake ice sculpture central park

35 central park ice sculpture

I was sad to see that some hooligans had smashed one of them though 🙁

smashed ice sculpture

It’s funny that I spent so much time in the park on my trip as it’s one of the things I had planned to avoid having spent a lot of time there last time I visited. It’s totally my favourite place in New York even in the freezing cold so it shouldn’t really be a surprise!

Somehow I’d made it through my trip without spending all of my money. Usually by the last day I’m counting the pennies to make sure that I have enough money for food AND to get back to the airport but I still has $150 left over so decided to treat myself to a little shopping spree. I visited all of those stores you always hear about in American TV shows; FAO Schwartz, Barneys and Bloomingdales.

FAO Schwartz New York

Bloomingdales New York

Of course I couldn’t actually afford to buy anything in these stores but it was fun to wander round and have a gander. FAO Schwartz was super fun. I finally got up close and personal with Lady Liberty.

FAO Schwartz Lady Liberty Lego

Hung out with Spiderman and Iron Man.

Spiderman and Iron Man FAO Schwartz

And saw the big piano from the movie Big which is still incredibly popular even after a quarter of a century!

FAO Schwartz Big Piano

Proof that the best toys are the simplest ones.

I’ve been coveting an ALDO bag that Taylor Swift is often seen with for a while so when I spotted a store nearby I figured I’d pop in and take a look. It had been sold out everywhere I’d looked online so I wasn’t hopeful but there on the shelf was a lone frattapolesine in black and I decided to treat myself to it! At only $50 it wasn’t exactly going to break the bank.

ALDO handbay

I adore it and am already carrying it everywhere when I don’t need my rucksack with me. I would have loved the burgundy one (which I don’t think they actually make anymore) but this is so much better as it will go with anything and everything!

I headed back to the hotel to charge my phone before heading to the airport where I discovered the library that I mentioned. It was nice just to sit and relax before collecting my luggage it is such a nice space and I wish I’d had more time to spend in it. The journey to the airport was uneventful but long as was the wait. I was very happy to see that I was flying Virgin Atlantic home rather than Delta and had a much more comfortable flight despite still being seated at the back of the plane – although I was drifting in and out of sleep for most of it so I can’t really comment on their service as a whole!

When I landed the following morning I checked into the Yotel for a few hours before hopping on another plane to Oslo, but I’ll tell you all about that little adventure another time!

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