Why I didn’t like flying Delta

I am not a morning person and I struggle to leave the house on time to get to work for 9am as it is but there’s something about traveling for a trip even if it’s just a short distance that makes getting up early totally worth it!

Terminal 3 Heathrow

Although my flight to New York wasn’t until noon I ended up leaving at 7:30am to make sure I got there in plenty of time – I’m a bit of a panic traveller and like to get to the airport between two and three hours before my flight. Since I was travelling on my own the earlier was definitely better meaning I was checked in, bag dropped off and through security by 9am!

Oriel Brunch

I treated myself to breakfast and a glass of Prosecco at Oriel which I posted a full review of over on my other blog, had a wander through the stores and bought some British treats to take to America for Cait who I was going to be seeing the following day. Annoyingly I also managed to leave my credit card in the machine when paying for these which threw me off upon arriving at my hotel that night but wasn’t the end of the world as I always travel with a backup!

delta plane

I’ve flown Delta a couple of times now and each time it hasn’t been the best experience. This time though was the worst of them. For some horrible reason whenever I travel long haul I seem to end up right at the back of the plane which is exactly what happened this time round too.

My seat was also in the centre of the plane which meant I couldn’t see out any windows right next to one of the bathrooms which didn’t have the most pleasant of smells from take-off. The seat cushion was broken and moved around as I sat in it, my table was also broken which meant I couldn’t put my drink in the cup holder as the whole thing collapsed when I tried and my cushion had short black curly hairs in it which I’m pretty sure shouldn’t have been there.


lunch on plane

snack on plane

On the positive side the food was good. We were given snack bags of pretzels and peanuts along with a drink then later on the hot meal of the flight. They’d run out of the vegetarian pasta by the time they reached me but I wanted to try the green curry anyway and it was very tasty – although the red chilies were a bit on the spicy side for me and I had to take them out! Much later not long before landing we were given a cold meal of a chicken fajita wrap which was just OK, nothing to write home about.

Delta inflight entertainment

The on-board entertainment was pretty good and throughout the flight I watched a total of three movies; The Book of Life, Begin Again and Whiplash. I loved the feature that lets you make your own playlists too! I didn’t really sleep at all during the flight although I did close my eyes for an hour and a half or so.

After landing it didn’t take as long to clear customs as I’d expected and my case arrived on the belt pretty quickly I decided to brave public transport into Manhattan as a cab would have cost me almost $60 and it was definitely the right decision. It only took just over an hour and cost less than $10 total!

welcome to New York

I marked my arrival by listening to Taylor Swift’s – Welcome to New York which became the anthem of my trip. Well what else could be more appropriate? I got off the subway on Broadway and walked uptown past the Sheraton where one of the NBA stars was just arriving – the All Star game was happening in town that weekend, just one more thing on top of Valentine’s that made hotels crazy expensive during my stay.

I’ll let you know all about it in tomorrow’s post but my hotel was at Columbus Circle near the south-west corner of Central Park which was amazing but also quite a walk from where I got off the subway. By the time I got checked in and settled in my room I was pretty tired and figured I’d have a lie down for a bit and then go out to dinner. When I woke up it was 11pm – it wasn’t the smartest decision I made but jetlag got the best of me unfortunately!

Have you ever had issues with an airline that’s put you off flying with them again?

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