Review: 3 Brødre, Oslo

Because we hadn’t eaten much since breakfast we went for a big meal in the evening. 3 Brødre is actually three different venues in one; a regular bar on the ground level, a piano bar upstairs and a tex-mex restaurant in the basement. It was in the latter that we went to for dinner.

3 Brodre Entrance

It was a bit confusing trying to figure out how to get in as the stairs are right at the back behind the bar but once we descended you could tell you were in the right place. The decor is incredibly stereotypical but it gives the restaurant a fun feel.

3 Brodre interior

Due to my cold I still wasn’t firing on all cylinders so while we were tempted to try the tex mex lounge grand fiesta; beer battered onion rings, poppers, buffalo wings, taco meat, fajitas with beef and chicken, taco and salad. Served with guacamole, salsa & sour cream. A feast made in heaven but – at around £30 per person – too much money to spend when I knew I wouldn’t eat most of it.

Instead I went for a tried and tested favourite of chicken quesadillas and asked for a virgin margarita as I wasn’t really in the mood for alcohol. We toasted to both our trip and friendship!

3 Brodres Drinks

Unfortunately my margarita was NOT nice and I didn’t even finish it over the course of the evening. I assumed this was because it didn’t have alcohol in it but when we were presented with the bill later I had been charged for a regular drink so I’m not sure if it was virgin or not. Regardless it wasn’t very good.

The food took quite a while to arrive, which was unfortunate given how quiet the place was – there was only one other couple eating when we arrived and a trio of girls arrived not long after we did and that was it. Given it was a Tuesday evening and how expensive it is to eat out in Oslo I suppose this is probably quite a common occurrence but I would have expected snappier service.

3 Brodre Chicken Quesadillas

The quesadillas were pretty standard fare, it was nice to be able to taste something properly and I did polish off the whole plate so they weren’t terrible but they definitely weren’t anything to write home about either.

Of course that meant there was room for pudding and I ordered a chocolate cookie cake to end the meal with.

3 Brodres Orange Chocolate Cake

The cake was very nice with a slight hint of orange. It was a light cake so managed to get away with the fact that it was quite dry and there was a decent amount of chocolate cream filling.

Overall it was a pretty average meal and had I paid the same price for the same quality in a London restaurant I would have been most disappointed.

3 Brødre
Øvre Slottsgate 14
0157 Oslo

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