Review: Ladurée, Covent Garden London

If you’re looking for somewhere for a quick sweet treat then look no further than Ladurée in Covent Garden.

This is the patisserie’s first stand-alone tea salon in the capital, serving savoury snacks and champagne as well as sweet treats and those signature macarons. I popped in a couple of weeks ago before dance class to enjoy some of their famous macarons and take in the beautiful surroundings.

Laudree outside shot

Given its location it can be fairly busy so you may need to wait for a table but trust me when I say it will be worth the wait. This is a luxury establishment with a traditional decor that enhances your experience. They also have an outdoor terrace which I’m sure is wonderful in the summer months for a spot of people watching!

Laudree window display

I didn’t want anything too heavy before my class so I didn’t go for anything savoury instead choosing to try their delightfully thick hot chocolate and two of their mini macarons; petale de rose and Strawberry Guimauve (that’s rose petal and strawberry marshmallow to you and me) but more on those later.


The hot chocolate at Ladurée is seriously thick, almost like you’re drinking melted chocolate. It’s silky smooth and slightly bitter as it’s made with only the best quality dark chocolate so if you have a sweet tooth you might not enjoy this. It comes in a tiny silver pot almost like a milk jug and there’s more than enough for two cups in each one so it’s possible to share. For some reason I haven’t quite figured out hot chocolate with cream is cheaper than without but it is in fact the exact same hot chocolate recipe. Go figure!

Laudree hot chocolate

Laudree chocolate pouring shot

Now on to the macarons!

Traditionally macarons are matured for two days and you can tell when they are at their freshest as when you pinch it between your forefinger and thumb they bounce rather than crack. Rose, violet or lavender are usually my go to flavours so I thoroughly enjoyed the rose petal one which was lovely and light without being overpowering but the star was the strawberry marshmallow.

Laudree Macaron closeup

It’s not cheap, I spent over £10 in my short visit there but it is perfect for a special treat and I’d definitely recommend Ladurée to anyone who likes macarons. After all they were the inventers of the double-decker macaron!

Laudree counter

As you leave why not pick up a couple extra from the counter to take away with you? 😉

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Covent Garden
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